29 March 2009

Why you don't Google people

My parents Googled me and they found my blog. A little disconcerting because this is an outlet I love and appreciate, and I feel others can occasionally find something to laugh at. I hate that I have to censor myself to the blogger world. Though, my veil of anonymity is thin at best (thank you bloggy hours and meet-ups), I know that I am known as Desiree with my blogger friends, not as "So and So's Child"....

I also feel like my highly valued privacy has been upset by them finding the inner ramblings of my mind and the fountain of truth from which springs forth the workings of my private life--generally a mystery to them.

Frankly, I am a little mad, but I guess every blogger hits a point where their presence is no longer defined by that gray area of "I have met her at Marvin but I don't really know her" because my parents, they certainly know me. Now they know me a little better than I wanted them to. 


I don't want to change my writing style, or give up the jewels of un-wisdom that make Desiree such a lovable loser but I believe I  must. No longer can I be so glib about the awful things that make me laugh--or sick in the mind. Oh wells-yo. I have been identified.


Washington Cube said...

For years, I was taken to task in the DC Blogger world for laying low and not part of the happy hours, and such. I found it a valid means of staying afloat as it kept me out of the blog wars, and attacks.

When those happy hour peeps held their annual contests, I was voted "Most Mysterious," which meant nothing more to me than, "Better to be safe than have regrets." Once on the 'net, it's out there.

Sorry you got busted. I suppose time will tell if you need to scratch this blog and start over, or if you can weather the outing.

Matt said...

Hi, your blog made the Express today. I always wonder how people are impacted by an increasingly transparent Web and your story really captures that issue.

For what it is worth, I did write a post related to this type of issue yesterday. I would love your opinion.


- Matt

Jamie said...

I believe in a policy of "selective anonymity." I don't mind if my friends read my blog. I have it linked from facebook. So if I know you well enough to be a facebook friend (and I actually have met every one of my facebook friends in real life) then I am happy you should read my blog. That includes my parents.. though I don't think they even know what a blog is.

But I don't want someone (such as a potential employer, romantic interest) to be able to google my name and find my blog. And you can't without a lot of serious connection-making. It can be done but it won't just come up with a simple search. Nor do I want a random person to be able to figure out my full name from reading my blog.

Congrats on making express and dcblogs on the same day :-)

f.B said...

I've been back and forth on anonymity and privacy a lot. But rather than make a decision, I've just lazily fallen into letting them blend together anyway.

And congrats. Though, it's really interesting that your post about anonymity gets you into DC Blogs and Express.

Desiree Aubigny said...

Thanks All! I did find it a little amusing my rant about CRAVING privacy (literally I feel like I am in 8th grade again and my mom is reading my diary) turned into the most unprivate thing.I could care less if all of DC knew my escapades but something about my parents getting the nitty gritty seems unhealthy or wrong.
I was shocked, and a tid bit giddy, to see myself in Express and DCBlogs! Too bad I am still cringing over all the things my mom knows about my alter-ego...

LiLu said...

Gawd, I honestly don't know what I would do. I'm so sorry! It sucks to have to censor yourself in a place that was previously so free.

Btw, shoot me an email if you have a sec- livitluvit@livitluvit.com

Dmbosstone said...

I'm somewhat judgmental on what I post- I will be vague about certain topics I'm writing about, but I'll always be happy to discuss with my friends if asked.

While my parents know about my blog, they are not tech saavy enough to figure out how to read it. My aunt reads my blog but she's cool so I don't really care that she does.

scottahb said...

Hi Desiree,

I read your post on DCBlogs. I had a similar thing happen to me recently, although it was about work and not my parents (luckily, my dad is afraid of computers and my mom twists her face up when she hears the word "blog"). As a result, I ended up ditching my old blog, because if people at my workplace knew that I was writing about it and knew exactly who I was, well, I didn't see much point in blogging at that same address in the first place. I wrote about it here, if you're interested:


Sandcastle Dreams said...

I understand your pain... I recently had an ex find my blog and not only forwarded it on to the new guy in my life but also to all his friends and some clients... It was a shock when the new guy asked why his biggest client was now reading my blog!

the sarcastic cynical optimist said...

I actually found this blog while searching for a way to cope with my family finding my blog. I love my family but like you I wanted my blog to be un censored. I want my cybespace uninvaded. I have yet to decide as to my next step but your rant for privacy is just how I am feeling right now.